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Kaitlyn stared her journey caring for new families as a post-partum nurse and nursery nurse. After several years of providing breastfeeding support to new families she developed a passion for helping mothers overcome their breastfeeding challenges. Kaitlyn is currently a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist soon to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Kaitlyn is a member of ILCA and the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition. Kaitlyn is a mother of two children, both of whom she breastfed. Much like most mothers, Kaitlyn remembers well being overwhelmed by varying breastfeeding advice. After experiencing her own breastfeeding challenges Kaitlyn empowered herself though evidence based information and peer-support and was able to meet her breastfeeding goals. She knows the value of connecting with other mothers. Kaitlyn has a natural ability to bond with new mothers and approach breastfeeding challenges as a team. She believes that when women join together they can empower each other to do anything
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