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To book an appointment for a consultation, please contact us at (563) 424-8995,  message us on Facebook  or  e-mail us to find the time that works best for you.

Complete Care Package:

From prenatal to full post-partum support we want you to be as well prepared for your breastfeeding journey as possible. The complete care package including: a prenatal consultation, initial (post-partum) consultation, follow-up consultation, and unlimited weight checks and phone support is the best value to prepare you for complete lactation success.

Initial consultation:

We believe that ever breastfeeding relationship is unique. A personalized consultation will empower you to breastfeed your baby with confidence. Every family will be provided with a comprehensive evaluation, relevant evidence based information, helpful handouts, a personalized care plan and correspondence of your plan of care with your provider.

Prenatal consultation: 

At Nourish Lactation Services we believe that knowledge is empowering. Whether you have specific concerns or just want to be well prepared for your breastfeeding journey, a prenatal consultation is a wonderful way to ease anxiety about breastfeeding and ensure your breastfeeding experience is off to a great start. Your lactation consultant will perform a comprehensive evaluation to anticipate your unique lactation needs. You will be provided with relevant evidence-based information, helpful handouts, a personalized care plan that will enable you to approach breastfeeding with confidence. 

Back-to-Work consultation: 

Heading back to work can be a dreadful and nervous time for most breastfeeding mothers. Many mother have fears about pumping, decrease in supply, when to introduce bottles, etc. With this service we will provide you with the tools, guidance and resources to ensure the very best transition both for you and your baby. Let us help you head back to work confidently! 

Follow-up consultation:

Follow up consultations may be helpful if you continue to have breastfeeding challenges. On-going support and close monitoring will give you confidence to meet your breastfeeding goals. During a follow-up we will discuss your progress since your prior appointment(s) and any new challenges that may have developed. You will be provided with relevant evidence-based information, helpful handouts, a personalized care plan and correspondence of your plan of care with your provider.  

Latch consultation:

This visit is intended for a non-complex latch issue.
Please schedule a FULL consultation if any of the following statements apply to you:
My baby is losing weight or not gaining weight.
My baby has a chronic medical condition.
My baby has an oral or facial anomaly.
I have a history of hormonal disorders or infertility.
I have minimal breast tissue.
I have minimal milk production.
My milk never seemed to come in.
I have lumps, redness, or post engorgement.
I have extensive nipple damage.

Weaning consultation:

Weaning can be challenging for both you and your child. At your consultation, your consultant will evaluate your individual situation. She will collaborate with you on evidenced based plan to wean your child in a way that is best for you and your baby! 

Video consultation:

Video consultations are ideal for mothers who are comfortable with latch and positioning and have a healthy baby, but have questions that require the expertise of a board-certified lactation consultant. Video consultations are available by phone or secure video. A 30 minute video consultation is a hassle free way to get the answers you need. 

Weight Checks & Weighted Feedings:

Adequate weight gain or the fear of ‘is my baby getting enough’ troubles many new breastfeeding mothers. Put your mind at ease with a weight check or a weighted feeding.

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