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Nourish Lactation Services is a private practice of two Lactation Consultants who are committed to offering quality, compassionate, evidence-based lactation support to families in the Quad Cities and beyond. It is our mission to provide families with support through all stages of lactation, from the prenatal period to weaning your little one and all challenges in between. Here at Nourish, our hope is to best equip you with the tools and knowledge to get off to the best breastfeeding start as well as provide the needed support and encouragement to ensure long term lactation success. At Nourish, we offer a variety of services including initial lactation consultations, going back to work consultations, prenatal consultations, weighted feedings, in-office hours, breastfeeding classes and more! 

Contact Us

Contact us to schedule an in person, phone or online consultation.



During your consultation, you and your lactation consultant will discuss your concerns, breastfeeding goals, and overall expectations.


Your lactation consultant will perform a comprehensive evaluation to anticipate your unique lactation needs.

Care Plan

You will be provided with an care plan that will empower you to approach or continue to breastfeed with confidence.


You will receive a follow up communication following the initial consultation to answer any additional questions or concerns. In person follow-up consultations are welcome. 

Continued Support

Here at Nourish we want you to succeed! We are here to educate, empower and support you in every step of your breastfeeding journey!

Rebecca Clark RN, IBCLC

Rebecca has been caring for new families since 2011. She began her journey as a post-partum and nursery nurse. She quickly developed a passion for breastfeeding and infant care education. Rebecca also has a personal interest in nutrition and wellness.

Kaitlyn Girskis, RNC-MNN, IBCLC

Kaitlyn stared her journey caring for new families as a post-partum nurse and nursery nurse. After several years of providing breastfeeding support to new families she developed a passion for helping mothers overcome their breastfeeding challenges.

5 stars doesn't even begin to be how many "stars" I would give this business. My sweet baby girl is here now and Nourish Lactation gave me the confidence I needed going in this time around. I had trouble with my first born and ended up exclusively pumping. I wanted to be able to breastfeed sheild free and pump free this time. Kaity has been nothing but professional and so so kind during my entire package. I am calm and comfortable knowing I have somewhere to turn. So far breastfeeding is going great and we are off to a great start. THANK YOU NOURISH LACTATION!! - A.B.

I can't thank Nourish Lactation Services enough for what they do, especially Kaity. I believe 100% you are the reason I am still exclusively breastfeeding today. We have made it one month already and he is gaining weight and is a healthy little guy! When I got home from the hospital and he still wasn't latching correctly, I was desperate, in so much pain and on the verge of giving up so I contacted Nourish for a latch consultation. Kaity was at my house the very next morning and provided excellent hands on care. She is clearly passionate about what she does and knowledgeable too. Thank you SO much! I will always recommend your services. - B.J.

Rebecca has been a godsend for this first time Mom! She is incredibly helpful and patient. I don’t think I could do this without her help. I highly recommend their services! - K.B.

Rebecca was extremely helpful in helping me with my oversupply/heavy letdown struggles. The plan she created for my daughter and I gave us improvement the first day and we are managing it much better now, and my daughter is much happier during and after nursing. Rebecca was professional and knowledgeable, but also personable and caring. I highly recommend pregnant mama's, and postnatal mama's alike schedule an appt with Nourish, as every mama has something they could learn from them that could improve the breastfeeding experience! - L.W.

We had a wonderful experience with this great new service in the QC! - M.E.

I was immediately impressed from our first conversation. Their attitude and approach is refreshing. Whether you are a first time mom or have been through it before, their services are extremely valuable. - R.W.

Kaity and Rebecca both helped me in my adventure becoming a mommy for the first time, and I cannot express to you how amazing and helpful they both were. Not only did they advise and encourage me while in the hospital and navigating breastfeeding feeding for the first time, but while I struggled with lip/tongue ties and much much more they helped guide and help me more than I can describe. It was scary and really hard in the beginning baby stages and I was so thankful to have their knowledge and wisdom and not to feel like a burden. They made me feel so comfortable and now my baby is 6 months and growing so well! You will not be sorry if you choose to use these two! - P.W.

These women are awesome! They are so knowledgeable, supportive, patient, and kind. They truly love what they do and it shows. My baby and I had plenty of obstacles throughout our breastfeeding journey. Now, thanks to Kaitlyn’s help, we are going strong, and are both happy and healthy. - H.P.


If you are in need of lactation support please contact us to speak to one of our board certified lactation consultants. We are here for you; for empowerment, encouragement and to help you reach your breastfeeding goals!

Lactation Emergency?

At nourish we understand that lactation concerns occur at all hours of the day – even outside of normal business hours. Call (563) 232-6551 if you find yourself in an emergency situation and seeking urgent advice. A return phone call will be made as soon as possible. If the phone call is not returned in a timely manner please visit your local ER or call your provider on call.

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